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COSPLAY 101: Booking a hotel room

Now a lot of people think it’s really easy to book a hotel room, and it can be, but many don’t really think too deeply into what they want in a room. Things like internet, breakfast, pool, hottub, elevators, parking and professionalness don’t usually cross the minds of people who aren’t very familiar with hotels.
If you’re just looking for dirt cheap, you don’t care about any of the above then by all means book through a 3rd party like Expedia or, but fair warning, you’re going to get the cheapest room at the cheapest hotel in the area. So you might get a pet room or even a smoking room and you won’t have a say in it because you’re getting a cheap rate.
What I do suggest if you care about ANY of those things above is to book directly through the hotel, whether by phone or by website. Lots of things play into picking a hotel and a room:

  • DISCOUNTS. Look at the convention website for a special convention promo or listed hotels that will automatically give you the con discount. Ask the hotel/look on the website for deals like booking in advance for a special discount and check what the “catch” is for that special discount.
  • FEES. Be honest with how many people are in the room, you can get charged expensive fees for unaccounted bodies. Some hotels have automatic optional charges that unless you tell them you don’t want it, they charge you, an example is safe fees or parking fees.
  • LOCATION. Are you walking, biking, busing, are you getting a ride are you driving? Are you going to have to pay for parking?
  • INTERNET. Do you want free internet or are you willing to pay per night?
  • BREAKFAST. Do you want free breakfast in the morning? Are you willing to get up early enough for that free breakfast?


  • READ THE FINE PRINT ON YOUR RESERVATION. Make sure you are getting exactly what you asked for. Call up the hotel and double check that they only booked you for exactly how many rooms you want, exactly the price, exactly the day, exactly the amenities, don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Not getting a good hotel room can really mess up your convention experience, So do your homework and get what you want!

If you have any questions other questions on getting started on cosplay, please send me an ask and I’ll be happy to reply the best that I can!

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