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COSPLAY 101: Checking In

Checking in is super easy but time and time again I’ve come across some of the most inept people trying to check in. So I’m going to break it down for you nice and easy.
The two most important things to have on you during check in is:

  • YOUR I.D / DRIVERS LICENSE / PASSPORT.You absolutely need to bring this with you because it’s used to obviously identify you as the person who booked the room. You cannot check in without some sort of major piece of identification, and you should have some sort of identification on you at all time ANYWAYS.
  • YOUR CREDIT / DEBIT CARD.Some hotels need this to double check that it’s the card the reservation was made under, some need it to make an imprint for incidentals, some need it for both. But be prepared to have your card stamped or deposit cash for incidentals. 


  • YOUR RESERVATION NUMBER.  Some hotels require your reservation number. So your better off safe then sorry, ask for your reservation number in advance and write it on a piece of paper, stick it in your wallet for safe keeping!

When you go to check in, call in advance if you’re going to be showing up pretty early. Most check in times are about 2pm - 4pm, showing up earlier could mean they don’t have a room ready for you yet because housekeeping is still cleaning the rooms. Rooms usually take about a half hour to clean each so you’ll be waiting a bit if you show up too early!
Step by step of checking in:

  • Walk up to the front desk. Or wait in line THEN walk up to front desk.
  • State your last name and give them your ID and credit card.
  • If you want a specific floor, speak up!
  • Read and sign the paperwork they give you.
  • Listen to the information they give, ask questions.
  • Read over the piece of paper full of hotel information they give you during check in. A lot of the time they’ll have pretty decent discounts for restaurants and will have information that you might have forgot like what time breakfast is or what the WIFI name and password is. They give you this piece of paper for a reason.
  • If they don’t have a room available at the time, see about having them place your luggage somewhere safe until you can bring it up to your room or ask to see if they can bring it up to your room when a room becomes available.  

Don’t hesitate to call front desk if you have questions or concerns, see if they can help you or reasonably accommodate you. Don’t worry about bothering them, it’s their job to make sure you have a happy and comfortable time. Of course that said, please be kind and respectful to the staff with your questions or concerns. While it is their job to help you, they are people too and many times cannot help certain things because of the hotels policies!

Checking in is easy and simple!

Incidentals: You pay incidentals when you steal, break, stain or otherwise ruin something in the hotel property I.E breaking the mirror, staining the carpet or getting your body paint on the furniture.
You only get charged incidentals if you do anything along those lines.

If you have any questions other questions on getting started on cosplay, please send me an ask and I’ll be happy to reply the best that I can!

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